You CAN Call it a Comeback.

January 30, 2015

Andrew explains where he has been over the past month and gives his thoughts on the rubber-match between Brandon Rios and Mike Alverado.  Why is Brandon Rios' potential next fight making our host beam with happiness?  Is Shannon Briggs doing some more talking for a fight that probably isn't going to happen?  And what happened when Manny Pacquiao met Floyd Mayweather at a basketball game?  The answer isn't as exciting as you would like when you actually think about it...

Just a quickie

January 5, 2015

Regular BOXING 4 FREE podcaster, Andrew Schweitzer has his hands full at his full-time job so I, Justin Salvato have stepped up to deliver a short, and I mean SHORT podcast.  Just some brief news.  This is more or less to let you know we are around, but don't have much to say because there isn't anything big happening in the boxing world at the moment.